Valnera” is situated on  the last strip of Tuscan Land  Considered to be once a place of Prayer for an order of monks called Camaldolesi  and Vallombrosiani a place of rest.


During the second world war Valnera”was used by farmers families  as a secure bomb shelter, until  the end of the 1950's Valnera was used as a family home by a Farmer.

Right up until the 1960's it was used as a school for the inhabitants who lived in the valley


It was also rumoured by the local inhabitants of  San Martino in Gattara that “Valnera” was haunted , at  the end of the 1970's “Val Nera” began to be restored and used as a refuge for travellers.


Today we want the people to re-discover this environment where the silent ruins of Val Nera stand and the stones gently speak of the fatigue endured over the generations past.

The aroma of the old recipes that reveals to us the wisdom of the people that from a chesnut was able to create their bread and butter.


Here the mooon and the stars creates lots of light in the sky which peeps through the many trails to  the peaks of the Appenine mountain, allowing you to enter woodland to observe the beautiful flowers and hear the small streams that flows through the Valley.


“The Highest Mountain is within us” Walter Bonatti”



During your stay at the beautiful scenic “Val Nera”, Its possible to taste the delicious local dishes that the Tosco-Romagnolo region has to offer.

We propose that you enjoy the traditional cuisine of the region which respect the local produce that Val Nera is pleased to offer you so that you may sample the various meats, cheese vegetables and fruits of the


Also you might like to  try an alternative local hot flat bread called “Piadina” which is delicious on its own or accompanied with cheese or Parma Ham or Salami and of course this can be enjoyed with  the Famous “Chianti” wine and  another great local wine Sangiovese.


There is also a “Picnic Area” with Barbeque, and for the Trekkers and Hikking we provide a packed lunch ready to go in your backpack.


A few Km away from the Refuge “Val Nera “ you will find the small town of Marradi which is the birth place of the Poet Dino Campana, author of the “Canti Orfici” This tranquil place has the taste of the past about it and therefore we suggest that you visit this picturesque place in a way which you can follow its interesting past like you would follow the river “Lamone”.


The Territory of Marradi is rich in Woodland with flowing transparent water ,the landscape  prospers from various types of trees and vegetation including Abeti  Carpini, Faggi, Castagni.


You are able to feel and hear the nature around you as you experience this beautiful area and you can do this by walking or mountain biking and horseback,  there is even specialist trekking guides.

Marradi becomes accessible with thanks to “Dantes Train” a small train which connects the Historic City of Art  Florence to Ravenna which was once the Capital of Italy.


Along the train route you will find other Historic Towns such as Brisighella and Faenza the town famous for its Ceramics.

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