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On the path of Garibaldi, who is known as “The Hero of Two Worlds” During the year 1848 Garibaldi had walked a long way heading for  the Tyrrhenian sea , at the heart of the Appenine Mountains crossing the Tuscan-Romagnolo Region as a fugitive if you would like to follow the path of Garibaldi you will find an old stone convent with and small sacred church next to it “The Refuge Valnera”.

Immersed in this very peaceful and beautiful place hidden in woodland  surrounded by various types of trees such as Oaks, Chesnuts, and Genista Plants.

Famous for its crystal clear  spring water and  this refuge will amaze you with its beautiful and tranquil location and its warm and friendly appeal experienced by all those who visit  and whose local delicacies are ready to be offered by all who visit “Valnera”.

The Refuge “Valnera” is situated in the Province of Florence and also is at the door of Romagna which means that you are perfectly positioned to access both Florence and Ravenna by the small train known as the small train of “Dante“ which connects both of these places and where you would

disembark at the station “San Martino in Gattara” for the refuge “Valnera”.